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Site sharing links

  • You can now share sites with other users by creating share links.

  • Share links have "link only" and "link and password" permissions set.

  • Use the share link when you create a new site.

Share site

You can adjust access and copy share links from the share modal. We recommend this approach as it allows you to review and update the site's default sharing permissions before sharing.

Open the share modal from a the Sites screen.

Review access

We recommend reviewing the site's permissions before sharing the link with others: Use the site's link sharing settings to set the audience.


Who can access the shared site.

  • Anyone with the link: anyone inside or outside your team can access the site if they have the link.

  • Anyone with the link and password: people can access the site using the link and password.

Copy links

With the access set for the site, you can now copy a share link to the site.

Using links

Others can use your share links by choosing use a share link when creating a new site. Depending on the audience settings. Updating your site will not affect shared sites. Updates to your site will only reflect if the share link is reused.